Chevron Quilt

Do you ever have one of those lightening-strike, “that’s it!” kind of moments?

I keep a rotating list of project ideas in the back of my mind. At any given time, it contains six or eight items. For instance, I lost a pair of mittens and have been meaning to knit myself some heavy-duty colorwork mittens. There’s a project. Or: my ears get cold in the winter but I am hesitant to wear a hat because of the Flat Hair Factor. Therefore, I need some sort of headband/earwarmer type thing. Another project idea.

This quilt started this way. I wanted to make something with large swathes of fabric to show off more graphic prints. And I wanted to make something with Kate Spain‘s fantastic Terrain fabric.  And then I stumbled across Cynthia of Hyacinth Quilt Designs’ tutorial (and also here for more info) for a whole chevron quilt and shazam!  I went home and started planning the quilt.

Terrain Chevron Quilt

Once I had a rhythm, this came together fairly quickly.  I cut my fabric into 2 1/2″ strips and the white sashing to 1″, as Cynthia suggests.  I then sewed a strip to a sash, and then sashed strips in staggered columns.  After a bit more cutting and sewing, I had lovely chevron sections. and the top came together fairly quickly after that.

Back side of Terrain Chevron Quilt

Not going to lie, I really like the back.  I was saddened by all these nice chevron sections I had leftover after making the top and was thinking of making them into little clutches (which I may still do with the leftovers).  Then I remembered I had a back to make and incorporated one slender column, offset on a field of little purple leaves.  I used a wavy stipple stitch to quilt and bound the edges with Kona White, same as the sashing.

I’m such a big fan of this that I may make another!


3 thoughts on “Chevron Quilt

  1. You failed to mention that you didn’t keep the quilt–you gave it to me. And let me just say that, once again, I am so impressed. The pictures don’t do the awesomeness of the fabrics justice. I love this quilt. If you decide to make another and decide to give that one to me as well, that’d be totally fine.

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