Behind the Curve: 2 March

Behind the Curve: 1.  a weekly links roundup that is possibly a little stale.  2.  things found while trawling through the internet.

New Year’s Day, 2009. My friend B and I, in our PJs, last night’s champagne bottle still on the table. We blearily flip on the TV and were greeted with this. We sat in stunned silence before turning to each other and asking the question that generations have posed before us.

“…whiskey tango foxtrot?”  I was reminded of this one morning earlier earlier this week when I was clattering around the kitchen, putting the kettle on and suddenly it popped into my muzzy mind.

I like to dream of living in a city where I can have a beehive on my roof.  Here are some other ideas for urban homesteading.

Still eating my way though Smitten Kitchen’s amazing French onion soup.

Also, I’ve eaten a lot of cookie dough in my life and can conclusively say that this recipe makes the best dough I’ve ever eaten.

To add to the discussions on intellectual property of one’s photographs and blog content, here is an interesting article about the legality, ethics, and liability of Pinterest.

Here is an interesting article about the DIY movement, Pinterest, and the redomestication of the American woman.  I make things because I enjoy the process of making things, and being crafty has always been a part of my life.  At the same time, I have a career that I love, that I find rewarding and fulfilling.  I don’t want to have to give up the one for some notion of domestic life, since clearly I’m good at and enjoy both things.

Next time I need a head of garlic, I’m totally trying this nifty peeling trick.


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