Behind the Curve: 23 Feb

Behind the Curve: 1.  a weekly links roundup that is possibly a little stale.  2.  things found while trawling through the internet.

Drexel University is building ROBOT DINOSAURS. with a 3d scanner and printer.  I’m calling it now.  In 20 years, I’m going to be driving a Ford Stegosaurus LX.

Move over dogs.  Penguins are the new therapy animals.  Or at least, one named Roast Beef is.

The universe contains things that are very big and very small.  This website illustrates the scale in an amusing manner.

Of Monsters and Men is an Icelandic band.  Their video for Little Talks is crazy – adventurers, zeppelins, monsters (of course), tentacles, and icebergs.  Crazy in a cool way.

Here’s a thought-provoking article about Christians in science – the joys, the trials, and how the Church can come along side of and better minister to scientists and the scientific community.  As a scientist, I resonated with several of Crouch’s points.

I’m excited about Pixar’s new film, Brave.  I know the market is saturated with princess movies, but a fiery-redheaded, deadpan snarker, archer princess?  In a movie by Pixar, a company long overdue for a movie featuring a female main character but that also crafts clever and beautiful films?  Yes, please.

You can Call Me Al, especially if we’re wearing foulies and sitting on boatramp.


One thought on “Behind the Curve: 23 Feb

  1. Fabulous. Want to write my highlights post for this week? I keep thinking tomorrow is Sunday and freaking out about it.

    “Call Me Al” is one of those songs that I’m always really excited to hear, for some reason. Enter the Haggis just did a partial cover as well, I’ll have to play it when I see you next (soon!!!!)

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