Cold Winter, Hot Music: January Mix

I like music. In college, I used to keep up with all the music blogs and listened to bands with odd names that left my roommates scratching their heads.  Since grad school and joining the workforce (and discovering the wonderful world of knitting/quilting blogs), I haven’t kept up with that scene as much but I still love finding new groups or that one song that grabs your innards and holds on tight.

January needs loud, stompy stompy music to banish whatever blues may be creeping in.  This mix started out with just whatever I was listening to at work – Florence, Frightened Rabbit, The Black Keys, and morphed into something that, if personified, wore boots and laughed loud and was tough but forgiving.

Enjoy.  I know I certainly am.

Note:  I’ve been having issues getting this to consistently play while embedded, so here’s the direct link.


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