January has set in.  Here in Massachusetts, we have snow on the ground and overcast skies.  And although slowly the light is returning, this time of year feels most like Winter.  ‘Tis the season for hearty soups, red wine, and general hunkering down.

I spent the weekend being crafty.  I’ve cut fabric for a new quilt, this time Chevrons, from Hyacinth Quilt Designs (tutorial and additional instructions found here and here).  I’m using Terrain by Kate Spain which has the most vibrant colors.  I love saturated tones and botanical motifs and Terrain serves up double helpings of both.


Forgive the grainy iPhone pic – this was actually meant to be solely for my own reference as to how the fabric should be ordered.  But the fabric is too pretty not to share!

I also finished the binding on Foxes Out My Window.  This whole quilt was an adventure and binding by hand was no different.  I used the emerald green jewel pattern (as well as a bit of the forest green when the emerald ran out) for binding and was a big fan when the lines of the jewels matched up with lines on the backing fabric.  I noticed as I did this that my stippling tension isn’t perfect – the bobbin thread seems a lot tighter than the top thread, but I’m hoping that some of that will work its way out once I wash the quilt (or just make it more crinkly – I’m OK with that too!).


Tonight, I am going to try to darn a couple of socks with holes in them.  I don’t have a darning egg but Ravelry suggested a ladle!  Good call, Rav!


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