Christmas: the Gifts

I think I’ve mentioned before that Christmas this year snuck up on me.  Usually, I am knitting and planning as early as September.  I scour my stash and figure out who will get what.  I figure out what will take the longest time to knit and what will take the shortest and figure out how to devote my time accordingly.

But between taking up quilting, business at work, and perhaps even the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, Christmas knitting just hasn’t been on my radar.  Actually, truth be told, Christmas in general wasn’t on my radar until it was nearly upon us.

Once realization that I had family and friends who loved woollens hit, I got down to business.  Worsted weight wool makes for quick projects; handwarmers are also quick.  Put those two facts together and you have me, knitting desperately away in the goal of maintaining hand warmth.

A Handwarmery Christmas
1. Escalator Socks, 2. Handspun Handwarmers, 3. Evangeline for Lindsay, 4. Evangeline for Aimee

The Escalator socks (Ravelry link, click above for Flickr link) I begun last July for my best friend and co-gingerbread house builder.  We were road tripping through Pennsylvania and spent many hours in my little car together in the lush green forests of Warren County, Pennsylvania.

The pink handwarmers were for another favorite person, my grad school roommate, Sarah,  who is one of the most cheery, bright people I know.  She is also a big proponent of handmade gifts and mindful, resourceful living and I know that after a year of living with me and my wool, she’d appreciate something handmade.

Another college friend requested a pair of handwarmers for one of her coworkers.  I don’t usually take knitting on demand requests, but this one was different.  For one, I sort of lump it into my gift to her.  For two, the specific pattern she wanted (Evangeline) is a pretty fast knit.

So fast that I banged out another pair for another friend (the green ones) the weekend before Christmas.  Unfortunately, our friend gift swap was smack in the middle of that weekend, prompting me to fall back on the old knitter trick of wrapping a gift with the needles still in.  Luckily, I have very gracious friends.

I am still in process with other projects – a floppy hat and another pair of fingerless mittens. And I haven’t yet sent out my Christmas cards.  But then I was thinking that, as a Christian, the main message of this season is Emmanuel, God with us.  God with us in the present, no matter what month is is.  Thus, I will be sending out my cards and finishing my presents, trusting that they’ll be received in the spirit of Christmas.





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