Cosy Evening

This week has been especially stressful at work. To state it succinctly, there’s a lot of big company doins’ combined with an excess of issues in the lives of my coworkers. And as we draw near the darkest day of the year, my own emotional state has been a bit low.

Which is why last night’s events were all the more necessary for remains at equilibrium. One of my from grad school invited me up to NH for dinner, yarn talk, and an adventure in micro microbrewing. Her partner brews up a couple big batches a year and this time he invited our other labmate and me. I can’t say that I was any help to the brewing process but I did contribute to the removing of the products of previous brewing sessions.

And my grad school friend is a knitter! I taught her a year or two ago and she has embarked on a mitten odyssey. I am so proud of her I showed her knitting in the round on DPNs last time I saw her and left her with next step directions – here’s how to do the thumb gusset and let me know when you get there. But she found a mitten pattern on her own and last night, she had nearly a whole mitten!

I am working on Christmas knitting. A coworker of a dear friend has been eyeing the handwarmers I made a couple years ago so my friend commissioned a pair.


The pattern is Evangeline (Ravelry link) and it has become my go-to pattern for fancy fingerless gloves.  I have edited them slightly in that the original pattern has an afterthought thumb and I have added a thumb gusset for improved fit.  My goal was to finish them yesterday, but I watched Return of the King and was distracted by the awesome. But soon they will be done!


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