Tricks of the Trade

Learning to quilt has instigated learning new methods of documenting the finished product. While knitting socks taught me contortions and how far I could lean over in order to get a shot of the finished product, so far quilting has taught me that I have very understanding coworkers.

Here’s some backstory. My apartment is pretty tiny and it lacks open wall space to hang a quilt for photo documentation. I also lack the partner/spouse/roommate beneficial for the holding and photographing of the quilt.

Enter my coworker I. She graciously braved the heavy mist to hold up the quilt so I could snap a quick pic.


The quilt, called Kitchen Window, is from Elizabeth Hartman‘s great book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork. This is the second quilt I’ve cut but the first top I’ve finished. The fabric is mostly from Lizzie House‘s Outfoxed collection with guest appearances from her Castle Peeps and 1001 Peeps. I really enjoyed matching up the fabrics for the blocks – making sure no prints were repeated and that there was a balance of light and dark fabrics in each block. I love that pop of turquoise (thanks to Sew Fresh Fabrics for the indirect suggestion!) and I love how it turned out!

But in the future, I’ll have to figure out a better and more solitary method for photography. Any hints for the newbie?


2 thoughts on “Tricks of the Trade

  1. Sweet! Have you thought about hanging it over a curtain rod or drying rack or stretching it out on your bed? I’ve done all of the above with knitted/crocheted blankets. :)

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